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Class report

26th Jan 2018

We are learning about Martin Luther King. He was an African American man. A long time ago black people and white people were separated and they were not treated equally. Martin Luther King was a non violent protester. MLK did many speeches in his life. His most famous one was I have a Dream. One day a lady called Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat on a bus for a white man. She was arrested. So MLK started a boycott to against that bus company. He was arrested many times but he never gave up. Sadly he was shot when he was only 39 on a hotel balcony. 


Our class made a mural of Martin Luther King. We each got a piece of paper to paint. It was kind of like a puzzle because when we put it together it was Martin's face. We are all very proud of our work. 


By Éabha and Louis